This year, I am very much looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with the Liceo Ginnasio “Francesco Petrarca”, Trieste, (Italy), where we have a project running which will consider three stories by the Irish author, James Joyce, who lived in the city of Trieste for many years. It is always a pleasure to go to Italy and I have high hopes for this project and for the opportunity it will offer my pupils to view the oustanding architecture of Trieste, Muggia and Venice.

A new departure this year is an eTwinning project for 2013/14 to be undertaken with the renowned Colegiul National “Stefan Velovan”, Craiova, (Romania). This will allow our pupils to consider the work of the renowned Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi and to view some of his works in Craiova’s museum of fine art. I am busy learning some Romanian and familiarising myself with the history and culture of this fascinating country. We hope to establish links between our two schools, which will foster future educational ventures.


The final goal for 2013 is to set up a link with a school in Austria: The Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium “Ingeborg Bachmann”, Klagenfurt ( Austria).