A week of tests and presentations to ensure that pupils were getting to grips with the new technologies and the old (books!)  I was impressed by presentations on Goear, Crocodoc and Wix and may incorporate these into my own work at some future stage.  Less compelling were the Web 2.0 tools Calameo (I think I prefer Issuu) and Zooburst (although it has some good gimmicks).  All of these tools go to show that, sometimes ICT is the way forward, but it has to be used appropriately and not for its own sake.

Some pupils were working hard as they prepared for the Mock Council of the European Union and we have been in contact with embassy representatives from Latvia and Lithuania (the countries whose views we shall be representing) with questions on the topics of the Green Economy and how the EU should spend its money.  This led to an interesting discussion, since there is currently stalemate between the Commission and the Parliament over the size of the budget and the need to restrict spending at this time of economic crisis. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/9668841/EU-budget-talks-collapse-following-rows-over-funding-increase.html

Our cinema series continued with the start of “La Reine Margot” and this week a writing task was required on one of the following titles:

1. Is student mobility in Europe merely a form of subsidised tourism?

2. Do children’s games involving blindfolds reveal an essential cruelty in human nature?

3. Why does the UN tolerate so many bad regimes?

4. Is there a breakdown of family values in the west, and if so should the state attempt to redress it?

5. Should governments support scientific research when there may be no technological benefit?