We started  the week by considering education and how educational systems might be accused of removing our creativity and impede our ability to develop.  Guiding our debate was an inspirational talk by Sir Ken Robinson, which he gave some five years ago at a conference in California:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG9CE55wbtY

It was reassuring to hear that the pupils in this class feel free to grow intellectually and to pursue avenues of academic interests which do not form part of the holy trinity of languages, maths or science.

A lot of reading was set this week with pupils being asked to reflect on the meaning of architectural space in both cathedrals and towns in the middle ages, the concept of “Auslaufen” which allowed freedom of worship in the sixteenth century and the first book of “La Princesse de Cleves”.

My course in Prague over leave-out had also suggested some new Web 2.0 tools we should be investigating, so each pupil has chosen a tool to present to the class in a presentation next week.