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A short week because it will soon be half term and a time to review progress so far.

On Monday we finished reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a marvellous story which has the ability to capture and hold the imagination so many centuries after it was first written: surely one of the tests of “great” literature.

We have now finished watching Henri de Navarre and have concluded our discussion of faith and humanism, guided by Luc Ferry’s book.  I feel sure that pupils have a firmer grasp of some basic philosophical tenets and also an appreciation of the harshness of life in the 16th century, which will serve them well, when we consider Montaigne.

Much work has been done on the Vikings project and we shall shift our eTwinning focus to architecture as we work with the Italian school in Trieste during the second half of term. I learnt today that the project, which we had completed last year with our Italian partners, has been awarded a “European Quality Label” in addition to the national award which we received in June. The citation reads: ” Your school has been awarded the European Quality Label for the excellence of  the work in the eTwinning project “Trieste, Svevo and Joyce”. This means that your work, the work of your students and your school have been recognised at the highest European level.”. Congratulations to all members of last year’s class.

Pupils have learned how to use Prezi, Wikispaces, Sliderocket and the eTwinning Twinspace. There is much more for them to learn, but Rome was not built in a day.  A Croatian friend and colleague has compiled an excellent summary of Web 2.0 tools which we shall explore throughout the rest of the year: