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The philosophical focus was on the “Greek miracle” and the dominance of stoicism in the ancient world.The attractions of this school of thought were explored and the strategies employed to outflank death and fear of death.  Ultimately the anonymous and impersonal nature of this philosophical outlook led to its decline and the reasons for this were discussed.

An excellent presentation on Wells Cathedral was given:


Our work on the Viking Heritage continued apace and pupils uploaded essays on their chosen topics which they illustrated.  we now await the contributions of our partner schools in Norway and Denmark.  the link to the public twinspace is:


We read the first half of the long third Fitt in Sir Gawain, when the knight is tempted by the Green Knight’s wife, while her husband is out hunting.

Links have now been established with the Liceo Petrarca in Trieste, with whom we shall share our work on Romanesque and Gothic architecture and also study three stories from Dubliners by James Joyce: The Dead, Araby and Eveline.

In our history lesson we considered the treatment meted out to heretics and the increasing intolerance in Europe following the execution in Geneva of Servetus for publishing his socinian/unitarian pamphlet.