Rather a slow start this week because of illness, so our double lesson on Wednesday was null and void.  On Monday we debated the briefing papers the pupils had read over the weekend.  The week was redeemed on Thursday by an outstanding presentation by one pupil on Lincoln Cathedral, using the Prezi software.

Lincoln Cathedral Prezi

Have a look at this and be as impressed as we all were.

We have now agreed a division of topics for the “Viking Heritage” project, to be undertaken with the schools from Norway and Denmark. These are the agreed topics:

Language; Religion; Trade; Slavery; Exploration; Artefacts; Settlements;               Monarchy; Art and Design; Economy; Myths (received notions); Literature;          Present day links between “Viking” nations

Each topic will have a group of pupils working on it, and their findings will be collated on a wikispace and then we intend to publish their findings as an online magazine.  Here is the winning eTwinning magazine from last year:

eTwinning winning project 2012

Everyone enjoyed rattling through Simon Armitage’s “Fitt 1” of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and we watched an excerpt of his BBC documentary on the poem.

This weekend there was a wide selection of essay tasks available.  Pupils had to write 1000 words on one of the following titles:

1. Is it immoral to buy a £10,000 handbag?

2. “I don’t care if anyone reads my books; I write for myself,” said the author of a half-dozen published novels. Is there anything wrong with this statement as a theory of art?

3. Are boycotts futile?

4. “Every act you have ever performed since the day you were born was performed because you wanted something” [Andrew Carnegie]. Do you agree?

5. What, if anything, is wrong with selective schools?