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All pupils wrote a one side summary on the salient features of Gothic architecture.  They were also asked to learn the key terms used to describe the buildings we shall be considering.  I set a test in today’s lesson, when they had to fill in eleven blanks on a pictorial diagram.  How many would you get right?  I was so impressed by the quality of their comments in class and by the evident attention they had paid to this first task.  Five pupils got all eleven missing captions correct and most of the others made few errors.  This is going to be a good year.  The test is reproduced below for you to have a go.

Architectural terms test

Tomorrow we put this new knowledge to work, when we shall visit Winchester Cathedral to identify the architectural features we have encountered so far in the book.

Winchester Cathedral showing Romanesque transept to the north and the Gothic nave

Winchester Cathedral Facade

On Friday we shall start reading “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”.

Saturday evening’s task will be to prepare answers in response to a couple of briefing papers which have been produced to help us prepare for the Mock Council of the European Union.

How should the EU spend its money- Mock Council of the EU_2012

Green Economy- Mock Council of the EU_2012